SURFboard® Cable Modem by Motorola

The year was 2004. Martha Stewart was wallowing in jail. Ken Jennings was winning on Jeopardy. And high-speed Internet access was transforming the way people experienced the web. Motorola, a company with over 50 years of cable experience, was poised to make a big splash in broadband with the development of their own cable modem.

Of course, as we’d soon learn, this was no ordinary modem. In fact, with eye-popping networking strength, mind-blowing Wi-Fi coverage and lightning-quick connectivity, this was the cable modem the world was waiting for. Even better, Motorola had entrusted Signature Communications with creating and implementing a complete end-to-end promotional initiative for its mass-introduction and long-term rollout.

Signature’s biggest challenge was to find a way to convey the unbelievable capabilities of the technologically advanced device, but to do it in a manner that was easily relatable to even the most novice techie.

After months of careful consideration and debate, we had our answer. To us, at the end of the day it was all about the end-user experience; providing a faster, more reliable, way for people to enjoy online gaming, download video/audio files and surf their favorite websites. Beyond leveraging Motorola’s strong brand identity to position ourselves among the industry’s best, we knew that every facet of our marketing plan—from naming to packaging to POS displays—must reflect this essence.

Out of this creative strategy would emerge the Motorola SURFboard® Cable Modem. Signature’s efforts paid huge dividends, to say the least. Today, it’s the top selling modem-router on the market with over 135 million units sold. Cowabunga!

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