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A Former Team Physician for the United States Olympic Ski Team, Jeffrey Malumed, M.D., had built an impressive career as an orthopaedic surgeon spanning nearly two decades. So successful, in fact, no one would’ve blamed him for staying rooted in the comfort of that well-earned professional security for the next 20 years. But Dr. Malumed’s standing as a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and Co-Chairman of Orthopaedics, Taylor Hospital, had given him a unique insight into an ever-growing issue that he felt demanded his attention.

Signature works with Premier's marketing team to build a brand identity wholly unique to the healthcare industry.

That is, the fragmented nature of the health care industry had created a quagmire of confusing options and segmented services.  For people living in the suburbs in particular, accessing skillful, responsive and convenient orthopaedic medicine meant, at the very least, a drive to the city. Not to mention waiting days, if not weeks, before actually being seen by a specialist.


Premier is the official orthopaedic provider for the Philadelphia Union

TOP DOCS MEET TOP WORKPLACE ranked Premier as the region’s top-rated orthopaedic workplace

For Dr. Malumed, the solution was clear — by combining the resources and expertise of several top local orthopaedic practices into a single multidisciplinary group, the orthopaedic needs of Delaware Valley residents would be better met in both regards.

Dream would become reality in with the formation of Premier Orthopaedics. Within just a decade, Premier would quickly grow to become the largest orthopaedic group in Delaware and Chester County.

So in 2016, when Premier approached Signature Communications to create a campaign that would catapult their market presence to an even higher level, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Before we could hit the ground running, however, one last hurdle stood in our way — consolidating dozens of individual Premier practices into a singular corporate identity. To bring the brand under a solitary organizational umbrella, Signature would create a new Premier Orthopaedics website based on a fresh marketing strategy.

Of course, before we could do any of that, however, we would first need to develop a host of separate Premier phone numbers into a single one capable of automatically funneling callers to specific locations and specialties. 1.855.ORTHO24 (the ’24’ referring to the 24 hour or less turnaround time on appointment requests) would serve as that number, acting as a universal call-to-action mechanism on all promotional materials.

“Premier has partnered with the team at Signature for over 7 years and they are incredible! Expert advisors from every angle – they have added indispensable value to our marketing team with successful creative campaigns year after year!”

— Rebecca McDonald, Marketing Manager / Premier Orthopaedics

The multifaceted brand refresh — utilizing print, television, digital, transit, social and outdoor marketing as well as a completely redesigned and rebuilt web presence — has exceeded all expectations to date. Visits to alone have tallied an incredible 1.3+ million views — an unbelievable 75% of which being new users! Less than two decades since first opening their doors, with over 20 physician offices, 15 physical therapy locations, three MRI Centers and two urgent care facilities — and appointments within 24 hours — Premier stands today as the area’s Premier orthopaedic provider.

As Premier’s marketing partner, we’d like to think we played an important role in the latest chapter of their amazing success story.

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