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SiriusXM Sweeps Experiences
Bigtime Rewards Program Leads To Lifetime Listeners
How does an entertainment giant expand their brand among audio enthusiasts? SiriusXM sought to answer exactly that question with the creation of incentive programs that would attract new audiences with once-in-a-lifetime rewards.

SiriusXM, a brand needing no introduction, has looked to Signature for collaboration and innovation for over 20 years. It started with marketing support — back when Sirius was an independent company and XM satellite radio was a competitor. Once they merged, we were excited to find ourselves part of a bigger, forward-thinking team dedicated to supporting the new SiriusXM brand. And things have evolved from a basic radio subscription service to more niche offers such as comprehensive satellite services for marine and aviation enthusiasts.

Other internal divisions developed to increase their engagement with car dealerships, offering incentives to both dealers and consumers to continue their support of SiriusXM. For example, one ongoing project we’ve taken on over time is a wide-ranging campaign to engage auto dealerships to enroll in SiriusXM’s Dealer Programs through a series of exclusive events.

The Strategy

The goal of the Dealer Programs is to encourage dealers’ customers with trial subscriptions, and the dealer itself is incentivized with free enrollment and no future cost. Energetic visual blueprints would be needed to promote these prize packages — big-name artist concerts with VIP access, major sporting events, luxury resort trips and more — to a captive automotive audience ready get in on the SiriusXM experience.

The Results

Signature delivered all manner of print and digital support for these sweeps events, covering aspects from photoshoots, theme development, prize selection, design and production, and more. In this and many other areas, we work tirelessly to help extend the reach and impact of SiriusXM’s brand and offerings while always looking toward the next challenge ahead.

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