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How We Work

Born To Brand

The agency was born from a desire to break down the barriers between different varieties of brand and media experiences. Founding partners Tony DeMarco and Bob Brown believed it was possible to offer the responsiveness, flexibility and imagination of smaller, more entrepreneurial teams in conjunction with the high-end disciplines, creative talent and diverse capabilities usually associated with larger, high-profile shops.

Signature has established a proven strategic creative process with a team of some of the best people in the communications business. People who see the macro and the micro. People with diverse skill sets who are empowered to act, from the top down or the bottom up. Together as a team, we develop and globally implement game-changing ideas that we can’t wait to share with new clients.

Content That Counts

We’re all about ROI, and our clients’ successes prove just that. Clients turn to us (and return to us) for strategic planning, creative branding development and genius-level project management — not to mention our expertise in applied design.

More For Your Money

We’re small, agile and quick. That enables us as an agency to take your budget further with maximum delivery. Smart thinking, media know-how, and complete project management have helped our clients, big and small reach their goals without breaking the bank. For some, haste makes waste. To us, haste makes money.

Branding Is Evolution

Meet Our “A-Team”

Because There is No “B-Team”

When you work with Signature, your business gets all our best people, including our founders. Every Signature team member is a battle-tested professional with experience in all facets of project management and brand advancement.

Join Our Loyalty Program

We’ve been around since 1981… Now that's staying power! What's more, we still retain some of our original clients. That's because we build more than brands — we build personal connections. Here’s what they say: