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Essent Group
Forward Thinking Delivers Direct Path To Start-Up Success
A start-up company in the private mortgage insurance industry, Essent came into existence during a major downturn in the housing market. Four years later, they went public on the New York Stock Exchange with hundreds of employees.

Essent came to life in 2008 in the attic of an ambitious financial thinker. A company focused on private mortgage insurance, they started at a difficult place in the housing industry. Looking for support and guidance with their burgeoning marketing department, Signature stepped in to be that resource. Over the years we’ve done it all, from logo design and brand standards; simple digital webinar flyers and social graphics; convention collateral; and some great video that turned heads in Times Square.

These efforts have been crafted to not only support the primary brand over the years but also seven subsidiaries and over a dozen brand extensions that emerged over time. And with all of this as backdrop, we were proud to eventually see them go public on the NYSE in 2013 as a powerhouse broker with a high-quality insurance portfolio valued at nearly $240 billion dollars.

The Strategy

Along with the great branding that’s been created and fine-tuned over the years, we’ve supported the development of other assets, such as their online store. This shop allows their reps across the country to access Essent promotional materials — from notepads to event pop-up banners.

The Results

In turn, this not only allows their teams on the ground access to necessary resources but ensures the Essent brand identity always stays evergreen and consistent across all channels and employees.

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