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Benari Jewelers
Turning All That Glitters into Golden Engagement
When Benari Jewelers, a family-owned business for over 50 years, decided it was time for a brand refresh, they knew Signature was the best team for the job. Alongside traditional elements such as print and outdoor, greater emphasis was put on social engagement with current and potential customers.

Benari Jewelers of Exton and Newtown Square, PA, reached out to the Signature team to see about reigniting the client/agency relationship established eight years prior. Our friends at Benari discovered other pastures aren’t always greener and the potent combination of creativity, responsiveness and organization that Signature provides is not often replicated by other firms.

Signature dove right in. Aiming to elevate the Benari name to a higher degree of luxury, we started with reestablishing brand guidelines: cleaner colors, fonts and an overall more consistent look and voice. Packaging was also refreshed and updated to have a modern, distinctive feel.

The Strategy

With a new creative approach, a heavier digital marketing plan was put into play. This increased paid and organic content has not only performed incredibly well but also helped give further prominence to the Benari name.

The Results

Benari Jewelers knows their identity and has confidence in the value and incredible knowledge they can offer customers. In turn, Signature continues on our mission of building brands into something exceptional.

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